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Our Veterinary Services

We offer a comprehensive range of essential pet care services, catering to the complete well-being of your furry companion, ensuring their optimal health and contentment.

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Wellness Exams

Prioritize your furry friend's health, disease prevention, and treatment with regular checkups.

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Dental Care

Bring your cat or dog in for complete dental care, from cleanings to surgeries.

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Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Prevent many common conditions, diseases and disorders with vaccinations.

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Nutritional Counselling

Discover your pet's nutritional needs and give them a diet that meets all of their nutritional requirements. 

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Internal Medicine

Get diagnosis and treatments for a range of internal conditions, disorders or diseases.

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Cold Laser Therapy

A non-invasive treatment option that encourages bone healing, and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.

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Giving your cat a home away from home with standard and medical boarding.

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Contact our hospital during our regular clinic hours for urgent and emergency veterinary care.

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New Patients Welcome

Ingersoll Veterinary Services is accepting new patients! Our experienced veterinarians are passionate about the health of your companion animals. Get in touch today to book your furry friend's first appointment.

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