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Nutritional Counselling

Personalized nutritional counselling from Ingersoll Veterinary Services can address your pet's unique dietary needs. This can improve overall health and potentially manage issues like diabetes.

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Why is Diet Important for Your Furry Companions?

The nutritional requirements of our cats and dogs change based on their breed, size, age, and general state of health. Because there is such a diversity in the dietary needs of our furry friends, our vets are proud to offer dietary counseling to our clients in order to help them keep their minds sharp and bones strong. 

We offer a wide range of veterinarian-exclusive food formulas using high-quality ingredients, and strict quality controls that are based on extensive research into pet nutrition. 

We look forward to working with you and your furry friend to provide a medically supervised, veterinarian-approved nutrition plan to help keep them happy and healthy! 

Nutrition Counseling, Ingersoll Vet

How Dietary Counselling Helps Your Furry Friends

You and your pet can both benefit from discovering their nutritional needs. We can help you understand food labels and choose appropriate meals for your pet's breed, age, and more! Helping your pet achieve their ideal diet and level of health can make them feel their best.

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